Computer Science

Computer Science is a technologically intense program that emphasizes computer programming, theory and design. Students who choose to major in Computer Science typically enjoy programming and designing new software. Graduates working the field tend to interact primarily with other technical professionals. Emphasis is placed on language, computational theory, and the mathematical structure needed in the field of computer science.

General Information

College of Engineering and Computing

Department Website Department of Computer Sciences
Degree(s) Offered
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Possible Employment Settings
  • Banks, Savings/Commercial
  • Airlines
  • Business corporations
  • Computer gaming industry
  • Computer security firms
  • Educational institutions
  • Engineering firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Defense Department
  • Investment firms
  • General Accounting Office
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Management & Budget Office
  • Movie and film industry
  • Professional/Technical journals
  • National Science Foundation
  • Research & development firms
  • Securities & Exchange
  • Commission
  • Software development industry
  • Test development corporations
  • Treasury Department


Occupational Opportunities
  • Graphics programmer
  • Data warehousing specialist
  • Game programmer
  • Software engineer
  • Computer security analyst
  • Embedded systems programmer
  • Computer simulation specialist
  • Data communications analyst
  • Software tester
  • Web programmer
  • Intelligent systems designer
  • Data mining specialist
  • Graphics designer
  • Computer animation specialist
  • Mobile systems programmer
  • Information scientist
  • Computer analyst
  • Computer customer support specialist
  • Computer programmer
  • Computer network manager
  • Data processing manager
  • Quality control supervisor
  • Data reduction analyst
  • Sales representative (computer and electronic data processing systems)
  • Database administrator
  • Teacher/college
  • Technical illustrator
  • Engineering analyst


Professional and Student Organizations
Professional Organizations GSU Student Organizations (MyOrgs)
Computing Research Association Association for Computing Machinery
Association for Computing Machinery
Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals
Salary Information
Internet Resources

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