First Destination Survey

Thank you for your interest in the data of our First Destination Survey (FDS) which is administered to all graduating Georgia Southern University students each Fall and Spring/Summer semester. The purpose of this survey is to report on the plans that students have after graduating and track what Experiential Learning opportunities they participated in while in college. This information is important for a variety of reasons and is able to be filtered by College, Major Program of Study, and Degree Level.

The Office of Career Services has made every attempt to provide the FDS data in a usable and easily searchable format but should you have any special needs that are not provided on this platform, please contact us via email at Finally, a list of FAQs regarding the survey, a survey diagram, a copy of the actual 2016 survey, and an implementation timeline/methodology document can all be found on the links below.

Thank you,
Philip Bruce
Director of Career Services
Georgia Southern University


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Survey Findings Link
Primary Status After Graduation
Experiential Learning
Graduate School
Volunteering and Military

Additional Information Link
Data Request Form
First Destination Survey
First Destination Survey Diagram
Frequently Asked Questions
Phone Call Script
Source Data
Timeline and Methodology

Last updated: 2/1/2017

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