College Placement Exam

Cost: $20 for 1st attempt; Retest: $10 for one exam; $20 for two or more exams
Testing Dates: Schedule By Appointment Only
Examinees must schedule their appointment at least two weeks prior to their desire test date and one week prior to orientation.

Payment by Credit Card or Web Check: Payment for the exam can be received through a credit card, debit card, or web check at the Office of Testing Services Marketplace.  You must pay prior to testing.  If you have any questions concerning paying on-line, please contact the office at 912-478-5415.

Reasons for Testing

Mature Provisional Student Must take Reading, Writing, and Algebra COMPASS and abide by placement scores
SAT-Verbal below 430 or ACT English below 17 Must take Reading and Writing COMPASS and abide by placement results
SAT-Math below 400 or ACT Math below 17 Must take Algebra COMPASS and abide by placement results
English CPC Deficiency Must take Reading and Writing CPE and abide by placement results
Math CPC Deficiency Must take Algebra CPE and abide by placement results

Test Preparation
Before you come to take the COMPASS, you may want to brush up on some of your skills.   It is very important that you take this test seriously and come prepared to do your best.  Even though the SAT or ACT can be taken several times, the COMPASS can be taken only twice.
Your scores on this exam will determine whether or not you place into our Learning Support program.  Use this link to learn more about the COMPASS from the official ACT COMPASS website for test preparation materials. For the math, you will want to complete the Algebra sections.

You can purchase a COMPASS Test Preparation Book from any bookstore or online. A book to prepare you for the COMPASS test is Chart Your Success on the COMPASS by Callahan, Commander, and Cotter. The followings sites are not endorsed by the Academic Success Center or the Office of Testing Office but provided as a resource. At Georgia Southern you will take the Algebra COMPASS Exam.

Assessment Basics & COMPASS Related Sites: (Remember to select Algebra and there are no fractions on the exam.) (Official COMPASS Website. Remember your math exam is algebra! )

Algebra Review & Exercises (Remember to select Algebra – There are no fractions on the exam.)


Writing Exercise & Reading

Additional Remember You Are Testing in Algebra:

Basic Math Review & Exercises (Diagnostic tests)

Pre-Algebra Review & Exercises


Georgia Southern COMPASS Retest Policy

All students are allowed to take a COMPASS retest (no more than four weeks can elapse between the initial test and the retest).

Only one COMPASS retest per year (this means the test can be taken no more than twice in one year). The Testing Coordinator may request a retest be given to a student if an unfair testing situation occurred (such as computer problems or student became ill while taking test).

All initial COMPASS tests cost $20 (no matter how many areas). A COMPASS retest costs $10 for one area or $20 for two or more areas (unless the test was requested by the Testing Coordinator)

Picture Identification Required for ALL Tests
Please make sure you bring an acceptable ID

Acceptable IDs are: a valid state driver’s license, student ID, or passport.
(Not accepted: check cashing cards, picture credit cards, club cards with pictures, etc.)

For additional information, please contact:
Testing Office
Georgia Southern University
PO Box 8132
Statesboro, GA  30460-8132

Cone Hall Room 2031
912-478-5415 (phone)
912-478-5988 (fax)

Last updated: 10/21/2016

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