Peer Mentor Program

The Academic Success Center is proud to offer a new initiative to support students’ academic and social support – the Peer Mentor Program.  The ASC is now accepting student requests for a Peer Mentor for the fall semester and through the academic year.  Any first-year or second-year student can request a Peer Mentor.  Peer Mentors are upper class students of various majors, they are academically successful, and have an invested interest in helping students find their footing on campus.

Peer Mentors check-in with their assigned mentees on a weekly basis to discuss the successes and challenges of students face on-campus.  The program offers workshops and other programs throughout the academic year to assist students in goal setting, major and career exploration, and social connections to the campus community.


Peer Mentors can help you with:

  • Getting to know other students on campus
  • Getting the most out of campus resources
  • Setting goals for success at Georgia Southern
  • Establishing good habits for academic achievement and personal wellness
  • Finding ways to have fun!

Last updated: 5/31/2017

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