LS Placement

We will be placing you in Learning Support courses using the following guidelines:


 English:  EPI score of  4230 or higher  no English requirement
 EPI score of  3032-4229  ENGL 0999
 EPI score below 3032 must have an offsetting MPI score of 1028 or greater to be admitted
 Math:  MPI score of  1265 or higher  no LS Math requirement
 MPI score of  1095 – 1264  MATH 0999
 MPI score of  928 – 1094  MATH 0989
   MPI score below 928 must have an offsetting EPI score of 3905 or greater to be admitted

Students who score below the “floor scores” in both mathematics and English may be admitted to USG institutions.  Students who score below the “floor score” in only one area may be admissible if their score in the other area meets or exceed the offsetting score.


Last updated: 8/17/2016

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