Front Office

Volunteer and Track Hours

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Here you can find a list of agencies in and around Statesboro that would love to have Georgia Southern students volunteer with them.

Want to log your hours?

Please review the Guidelines for information on what can and cannot be counted as volunteer hours. When you have 200 or more service hours, you may request a Service Transcript from the Office of Leadership & Community Engagement.

Follow these steps below to log your hours via MyInvolvement:


Step 1: Log into your Georgia Southern account at


MyInvolvementStep 2: On the left hand side under “My Services” select “MyInvolvement”


Step 3: If you are already a member of an organization on MyInvolvement skip to step 4. If not, navigate to “Organization” in the header menu and then search for and join the “Office of Leadership & Community Engagement.” Once joined proceed to Step 4.Join an Org


Step 4: At the very top of your page click the arrow next to “My Involvement” and in the drop down list select “Service Hours.”Service Hours


Step 5: Follow the steps on the “My Service Hours” page to properly request credit for your service hours.  All service hour entries must be approved by an organization officer or campus administrator.

Office of Leadership and Community Engagement • PO Box 8114 • (912) 478-1435 •