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Southern Leaders Curriculum MyInvolvement Instructions

Follow these steps below to log your Southern Leaders requirements via MyInvolvement:

  Step 1: Log onto and click “MyInvolvement” under Campus Life.









ScreenCaptureCrop Step 2: Once you have been added in the Southern Leaders curriculum, your first visit to the MyInvolvement home screen will look similar to the image to the left. To access the Southern Leaders curriculum just click “View Map” beneath the “Curriculum Progress” window in the middle of your home screen.






curbarcrop*Note: You can also click on “Curriculum Progress” from your home screen under the “MyInvolvement” tab that is located on the top of your home screen.



detailscrop Step 4: Once in Curriculum you can click on the drop down sections of the different Southern Leaders Curriculum (Self, Collaborative, Community, Legacy) to find details about the curriculum and log your experiences.



*When you click details a pop-up window will appear to show what qualifies to fulfill the requirement when you go to log your experience.



report1crop Step 5: To Log your experience click on “Report Experience”. This will direct you to choose the curriculum (Southern Leaders) and will take you to the form shown on the left. Please complete the required aspects of the form with enough description to properly assess that you fulfilled the requirement. If you are completing a LEAD course please put either your approximate start or end date and the instructor’s name. Once you have filled out the page, click submit.




*Special Notes: The Southern Leaders curriculum items in MyInvolvement are checked periodically. Once your items is approved, it may take the system 24 hours to refresh and reflect any and all changes.

The cut-off date to report all experiences to be eligible for graduating seniors to report their Southern Leaders progress is April 1st. Experiences reported after this date may not be leave time to be reviewed for the seal and Leadership Legacy project requirements.

If you have any questions about MyInvolvement after carefully following the following directions please email John Banter (

Last updated: 12/22/2017