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Program Format


Self-Leadership Collaboration
  • Understand and be able to articulate the importance of self-leadership in the leadership development process
  • Explore and establish personal core values
  • Learn to set goals and objectives and to manage personal behavior according to core values
  • Recognize personal leadership style
  • Understand that leadership is a process and appreciate that role and personal style changes over time
  • Understand and be able to articulate the concepts of Team/Group Dynamics
  • Identify leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognize the value and importance of teamwork in a leadership situation
  • Learn to establish and cultivate supportive and collaborative leadership relationships
  • Develop skills to facilitate collaboration:
    Conflict Management
    Building Consensus
Community & Organizational Leadership Leadership Legacy
  • Understand that the highest aim of leadership is service to others for the common good and learn ways to implement that philosophy
  • Explore and learn to implement the principles of ethical leadership
  • Recognize and articulate the importance of utilizing leadership influence beyond campus and the local community
  • Leadership legacy = sustainability of leadership
  • Understand and appreciate that cultivating leadership sustainability is crucial to effective leadership
  • Learn to equip and empower others in order to foster leadership sustainability
  • Learn to use critical reflection to enhance learning, service, and leadership
Program Requirements


  • LEAD 1000: Self Leadership
  • LEAD 2000: Collaborative Leadership
  • LEAD 3000: Leading Positive Change

Events & Activities (All Events & Activities will be logged in your Leadership Portfolio)

  • Southern Leaders Events (workshops and socials) (3 per semester)
  • Entering freshmen will complete the Self-Leadership Challenge
  • Attend the Southern Collegiate Leadership Conference (At least once)
  • Serve in 2 Leadership Positions on campus (In Student Organizations or Campus Programs)
  • Participate in an Alternative Break Trip (At least 1 regular Alt. Break Trip or 2 Weekend Trips)
  • Attend the Southern Leaders Showcase & Soirée (Annually)

Service Hours

  • Complete at least a total of 125 service hours – Log with Southern Leaders on MyInvolvement

Leadership Legacy Project

  • Develop and execute Leadership Legacy Project


Last updated: 12/22/2017