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First Year: Self-Leadership Challenge




The Self-Leadership Challenge launches freshman Southern Leaders into their collegiate leadership journey. Through the exploration and activation of your core values, you will learn to align your behaviors with your deeply held beliefs. In short, you will learn to lead yourself before leading others. The Self-Leadership Challenge includes the following three components:

Coaching Program


This semester-long experience is the starting point for all Freshman Southern Leaders, and you will have the opportunity to be mentored by a Southern Leaders Coach. Coaches are current members of the Southern Leaders program who will lead you and a team of peers through coaching modules rooted in transformational leadership principles. Your coaching team will meet bi-weekly while engaging in five coaching modules, volunteer opportunities, and other team bonding activities. During the coaching program you will develop meaningful friendships, increase your leadership capacity, and claim your identity as a Southern Leader.

Spring 2018 Coaching Program Schedule




In the spring semester, freshman Southern Leaders who have completed the coaching program will be divided into groups based on shared passions. You and your team will develop a shared vision through the creation and execution of an actionable service project. Activate will allow you to invest in the community, practice transformational leadership, build community within Southern Leaders, and begin to discover ideas for your future legacy project.

Spring 2018 Activate! Schedule

 LEAD 1000


LEAD 1000 is a non-credit course and can be taken in either the fall or spring semester during the Self-Leadership Challenge. The purpose of this non-credit course is to help new students at Georgia Southern University begin to develop their leadership skills and potential. This course seeks to enhance students’ opportunities for success by focusing on developing both their personal and leadership skills. It is an intentional approach to developing freshmen who aspire to be leaders in college and in their careers.

LEAD 1000 features a variety of experiential learning exercises to challenge you to grow as a student and as a leader. The course will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and resources you need to become a successful member of the Georgia Southern community and a lifelong leader. Throughout the fifteen week course, you will build confidence in yourself and your abilities to work effectively with others



Last updated: 1/11/2018