Southern Leaders Application

Current Students

The application to join the Southern Leaders Program will open later in the Fall semester.  Students accepted as members begin the program at the start of the semester.  It typically takes a student at least two years to complete the entire Southern Leaders curriculum (a minimum of four semesters due to the required courses).  Therefore, seniors are typically not eligible for acceptance unless they have previously completed leadership courses and program requirements through their other co-curricular involvement.

*Incoming/Prospective Freshmen

Incoming freshmen may apply to the Southern Leaders Program through their scholarship application when applying for the leadership scholarships as detailed here.  Incoming freshmen may also be nominated through their participation in BUILD prior to coming to campus in the Fall.

Applications for the Southern Leaders Program are open on a continual basis and will be reviewed by the Southern Leaders Advisory Council or office staff.


Last updated: 7/17/2017

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