Southern Leaders

The Southern Leaders Program is a co-curricular leadership program designed to engage students in an interactive leadership experience throughout their college career. Guided by the transformational leadership model, the Southern Leaders Program focuses on four specific areas:

Self-Leadership – Identifying, exploring, and clarifying personal core values; conducting oneself according to these values; developing a personal leadership philosophy based on these values.

Collaborative Leadership – Learning to interact with others in a team/group environment to facilitate the personal growth and development of all members and to serve together to achieve results beyond what is expected.

Community & Organizational Leadership – Continuing to develop leadership skills and values by applying them in service to others for the benefit of the larger community.

Leadership Legacy – Equipping and empowering others to lead and serve; focus of legacy is sustainability of leadership dedicated to shared goals and the common good.

Students completing the Southern Leaders Program earn the Leadership & Service seal for their diploma.


Last updated: 10/16/2015

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