Courses with a service-learning component may be some of the most meaningful courses of your academic career. They offer you a chance to apply your conceptual knowledge in real-world situations and see first-hand how your education will better prepare you to improve your community and our world.

We can help you find service-learning opportunities across campus that have personal meaning for you. Georgia Southern faculty encourage students to play an active role in their own education, and welcome service-learning projects that build partnerships and address genuine community needs. Make a suggestion!

Want to manage the Service-Learning component in an existing course?  Be a Service-Learning Facilitator!

Meet our 2017-2018 Service Learning Facilitators 


Archer, Ashley

Name: Ashley Archer

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Ryan

Course: Senior Seminar: Psychology & Service

Coats, Emily

Name: Emily Coats

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Urkovia Andrews

Course: Leadership through Service-Learning

 No picture

Name: Angelique Jennings

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ashley Walker

Course: Program Planning II


Name: Riley Martinez

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lissa Leege

Course: Biology

Name: Christina Morris

Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Jerri Kropp and Dr. Trent Maurer

Course: FYE 1440

Rhodes, Victoria

Name: Victoria Rhodes

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Craig Aumack & Dr. Andrew Diamanduros

Course: Environmental Biology







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