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Faculty Fellows

The Office of Leadership and Community Engagement coordinates the Service-Learning Faculty Fellows program, in which one faculty member from each college serves as a service-learning representative for that college.

Responsibilities of each Service-Learning Faculty Fellow:

  • Help distribute information about service-learning resources and opportunities to faculty in his/her respective college
  • Serve as a resource for faculty who are interested in incorporating service-learning into their courses
  • Review Request for Facilitator submissions for approval of Service-Learning Facilitator placements
  • Assist with program evaluation regarding the state of service-learning at Georgia Southern and implementation of best practices where appropriate
  • Present at conferences about service-learning at Georgia Southern

Service-Learning Faculty Fellows for 2017-2018

College Contact Name Email Phone Number
College of Business Pending 912-478-1435
College of Education Dr. Karin Fisher 912-478-5204
College of Engineering and Computing Dr. Gustavo Maldonado 912-478-0016
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Dr. Dina Walker-Duboise 912-478-7312
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Dr. Rebecca Ryan 912-478-5447
College of Public Health Dr. Raymona Lawrence 912-478-2489
College of Science and Mathematics Dr. Heidi Eisenreich 912-478-8390
College of Arts and Humanities Pending 912-478-1435
Waters College of Health Professions Pending 912-478-1435


Colleges have been updated to reflect name changes due to consolidation. Additional Faculty Fellows will be added in fall 2018 to reflect this change. For more information about this program, please contact Dr. Urkovia Andrews at or (912) 478-1435.

Last updated: 3/7/2018