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Service-Learning POSTER Guidelines

-Poster submissions must be 3 feet in height and 4 feet in length.

-Posters should be mounted on a foam board or other sturdy backing so it can easily stand on a tripod easel. Tripod easels will be provided; foam board will not be provided.

-Required Areas for Posters: 

  • Content: Your name(s); course name, course number; Instructor name; community partner name and mission; purpose of service-learning project;
  • Reflection: Challenges and rewards; What, now what, so what?; Did experience enhance concept from class? Did it challenge or reinforce prior understanding of concepts? Personal growth as result of project; How service-learning enhanced service experience?; Why is there a need for this service?; How did the community partner benefit from this service?
  • Service Activities: Describe activities completed for the service portion of this project (methodology). Any results of the project/research. Impact of service on the community
  • Graphics: Use high quality photos; eye-catching photos; use photos to make presentation visually appealing; use only high resolution JPEG or TIF files; photo release documents
  • References: Adhere to the preferred reference style for your discipline

Submit abstract here!

For more information about the Eagle Showcase, please contact Dr. Urkovia Andrews at or Dr. Padmini Shankar at

Last updated: 2/20/2018