Community Liaisons

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Community Liaisons are placed at local community agencies to bridge the gap between the Statesboro Community and Georgia Southern University by recruiting volunteers, managing programs, initiating projects, and assisting with other needs as determined by the agencies. Community Liaisons are paid by the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement to work 8-10 hours a week at their designated agencies. A new mission of the Community Liaison program along with weekly Trip Leaders is to “fuel change” in the Georgia Southern and Statesboro Community through new initiatives, collaborations, and team work. You can become involved with any of the following agencies by contacting the Community Liaison.

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Now Hiring,  Student Employment Job Fair Aug. 17th, 2016 

1 position: Habitat for Humanity, Job description
Send a resume and cover letter to


Habitat for Humanity

Now Hiring

1 position: Habitat for Humanity, Job description
Send a resume and cover letter to

View CL Blog:Don’t search. Be your own greatness.


Sydney Henry

Statesboro Bulloch Parks and Recreation Department

Sydney Henry

Get out, have fun, be active.

Brooke Bressler

ESL/ESOL with Board of Education

Brooke Bressler

Surrounded by love, I can thrive


After School Garden Program

Taylor Endres

We are all in this together.

Statesboro Food Bank

Emily Coats

Hide And Seek. America Is Base

Sarah Bruns

Hearts and Hands Clinic

Sarah Bruns

Running the race set before me.

Statesboro Head Start

See an angel. Help an angel

Cone Homes

Lauren Locket

Courtnie Nikitaides

Mentor a Child, Change the World


Pineland BHDD

Ashley Williams

Accept change. You might need it.

 EE photo

Downtown Statesboro Development Authority (DSDA)

Emily Elizabeth Shannon

Destin Doe

Think, but don’t forget to act.



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