Deliberative Dialogue Program

We can increase our “collective capacity to transform shared problems into opportunities for growth”
(Feinstein Institute for Public Service)


The Deliberative Dialogue program will provide a space and structure for students to build relationships across a variety of boundaries and to develop the skills to work through collective challenges.  It will challenge students to become comfortable with social and political complexity and develop the ability to “hold the tensions of opposite views” (Parker Palmer). Students will gain an understanding of iterative approaches to problem solving by practicing “cycles of action and reflection” in both individual and group contexts (Principles of Appreciative Inquiry). This will strengthen student’s ability to actively listen and process the experiences of others, and their ability to tell their own story in connection with current circumstances and events. Participants will develop leadership skills which include a strong personal identity awareness, knowledge of social justice concepts and systemic inequalities, and skills in facilitation and conflict resolution.


Joining the Team 

We are looking to build a diverse team of students committed to developing their own deliberation and facilitation skills and to developing a strong program.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming part of this effort please contact

Danyel Addes

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. Please contact Danyel directly and complete the application here:

Deliberative Dialogue Application


The Three Semester Outlook

  • Semester 1 –  Learning and practicing facilitated discussion formats. Selection of a topic and regular facilitated discussions.
  • Semester 2 – Training to be facilitators/ ongoing discussion.
  • Semester 3 – Campus outreach and engagement
    • The group will begin hosting dialogue sessions open to the broader campus community. Topics will be decided upon by the group based on current needs and interests


Who is it for?

  • Those interested in bettering their societies/ communities/ and pursuing social justice and social change
  • Those interested in politics and democratic practice
  • Those willing to work hard, read some challenging material and engage each other in conversation
  • Those interested in other’s experiences
  • Those who want to be part of broadening conversations on campus about equality, culture, access, leadership, voice, and visibility
  • Those interested in developing skills in leadership, organizing or activism
  • Those who want to help shape the Georgia Southern environment
  • Those who have a desire to help and work with others
  • Those interested in non-profit, aid or humanitarian work
  • Those interested in leadership within systems and organizations

Last updated: 2/4/2016

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