Spring Break

Applications for Spring Alternative Break trips are now closed.  Applications for May Alternative Break trips will be available March 7-20. Please contact Brandi Hoffman at with any questions or comments.

Spring 2016 Alternative Break Trips:

Food for the social chang($150) Breakers will help to promote healthful living in underserved communities. Through this Alternative Break experience, participants will work with the community to educate and engage locals to eat healthier and practice sustainable growing methods. As they promote healthful living, they will also come together to advocate for those with food insecurities and help the ones currently suffering from it.

Putting the pieces back together ($150) Ever wondered where the Alternative Break program all started? This trip will return home to the location of Georgia Southern’s first Alternative Break trip. Participants will help rebuild a historic city that has been under reconstruction for over a decade and still needs assistance. Breakers will work on ensuring safe and healthy homes for low-income owners affected by the disaster, including construction, painting, landscaping, and more.

Healing with Horse Power ($150) Horseback riding is an emerging method of therapy for individuals with various kinds of disabilities. Equine-Assisted Therapy promotes emotional growth and gives individuals an opportunity to learn a special skill. Many even continue on to show their skills in national competitions. Participants will work with trained therapists to assist riders of all age groups, as well as learning the basics of caring for horses and their stables. This  unique trip affords breakers an opportunity to make individual connections and direct impacts on the lives of the riders they assist.

Operation Preservation ($150) The health of the global environment depends on the health of the individual ecosystems which comprise it. On this Alternative Break trip, participants will do their share in caring for the global community by performing protective tasks in a National Park. Breakers will work to safeguard indigenous species in a sensitive ecological region, helping to preserve the benefits which they provide. This trip calls to those who have a passion for nature and want to ensure its beauty is maintained for future generations.

A dream that continues to inspire ($150) A quality education is something that no child should be deprived of, even when mental and physiological illnesses become an issue. Participants on this trip will work alongside professional educators and childcare specialists, helping them with day-to-day tasks in a school originally designed to accommodate children with cerebral palsy. The school now accepts students with or without disabilities, providing educational opportunities at a crucial point in life. If you’ve got lots of energy and enjoy working with children, come help make a difference!

A remarkable place for remarkable people ($350) Have you ever wanted to have the chance to help a person with disabilities? Breakers will spend the week aiding adults with a wide range of disabilities. Breakers will also have a hands-on experience at a camp designed specifically for the disabled. After being assigned a team, volunteers will completely immerse themselves in daily activities spent with the campers. Volunteers help in the process to make sure the campers have everything they need throughout the day and all throughout the night. Whether it be food, restroom breaks, games, or the camper just simply wants to talk, breakers will be there every step of the way. ***This trip is a domestic flying trip. The cost of your airline ticket is included in the $350 fee.

Building friendship, family, and community  ($500) This Alternative Break will explore the process of Community Development through work with four unique organizations.  Service projects could include painting, minor repairs, landscaping, sorting donations, facilitating activities with local youth, and more.  Participants will be looking at Community Building and Development at the global level while considering how to take this experience back to the United States in a meaningful way. ***Participants will be required to have a current passport, acquired at their own expense.


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