Spring Break


Applications for Spring Alternative Break trips

OPEN JAN. 9th – JAN. 20th

Spring Alternative Break trips will be: March 03/12/2017- 03/17/2017

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You can find the application on the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement organization page. The application will be under the Forms tab.

#GreenThumbsUp ($150)

Social Issue: Environmental Awareness

Students on this Alternative Break trip will be helping with various land management tasks to assist in the re-establishment of a Nature Center and Wildlife Sanctuary.  This work will be hosted at a sanctuary that is over 17,500 acres and that protects the largest remaining stand of virgin Bald Cypress and Tupelo Gum swamp left anywhere. Work tasks on this trip will involve; controlling hardwood trees and loblolly pine trees, pruning, working on deep swamp access roads, and planting longleaf seedlings.

#AllTogetherNow ($150)

Social Issue: Multiple Issues 

Participants will get to experience a week of different social issues centered in a host city. Students will assist as the catalyst to restoring hope and empowering the neighborhoods to revitalize their own communities. Projects may include; home repairs, children’s programs, food distribution, painting murals, landscaping, adult programs, block parties, working with local women’s battered shelters, serving in homeless shelters, relocating migrant families, and hosting family nights. Students will serve wherever the community leads them.

#TakeItEASI ($150)

Social Issue: Animal Assisted Therapy & People with Disabilities

Horseback riding is an emerging method of therapy for individuals with various kinds of disabilities. Equine-Assisted Therapy promotes emotional growth and gives individuals an opportunity to learn a special skill. Many even continue on to show their skills in national competitions. Participants will work with trained therapists to assist riders of all age groups, as well as learning the basics of caring for horses and their stables. This  unique trip affords breakers an opportunity to make individual connections and direct impacts on the lives of the riders they assist.

#TheBigTreesy ($150)

Social Issue: Disaster Relief

Ever wondered where the Alternative Break program all started? This trip will return home to the location of Georgia Southern’s first Alternative Break trip. Participants will help rebuild the environment of a historic city that has been under reconstruction for over a decade and still needs assistance. Breakers will work on ensuring safe and healthy environment for low-income communities affected by the disaster, including construction, landscaping, and more.

#SowItUp ($150)

Social Issue: Urban Farming & Food Security

Breakers will help promote healthful living in underserved communities. Through this Alternative Break experience, breakers will work with the community to educate and engage locals to eat healthier and practice sustainable growing methods. As they promote healthful living, they will also come together to advocate for those experiencing food insecurity.

#ThePathLeastTraveled ($350)

Mystery trip focus & location

You’ll just have to wait and see where this trip experience will lead you… can you handle the suspense? All we’ll say is be prepared to fly…



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