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Spring Break

Participants have already been selected for Spring Break trips!

If you have questions, please contact Katy Kaesebier at or dial 912.478.1435.

Aiding Youth on the Path to Healthful Development ($150) Breakers will spend their time assisting in a youth development program. Participants will interact with children in and a variety of settings that may include crafts, games, homework help, etc. These children are in need of friendly fun and aid in their development into healthy childhood!

Educating and Assisting in the Movement for Better Healthcare ($150) Participants will spend the week learning about modern healthcare tools and the labor associated with medical warehouse organization and care. Breakers will get to experience first-hand the importance of community assistance.

Helping Impoverished Communities Through the Aid of Others ($150) Participants will experience a true sense of community through this life-changing opportunity to help fight poverty through a variety of tasks, such as working in one of 3 thrift stores, assisting the executive chef in the kitchen, serving meals, helping out at fundraisers, offering administrative support, and organizing supplies.  You will experience first-hand the effects of poverty as you spend the majority of your time in the Immokalee Friendship House homeless shelter with the families up close and personal.

Restoring Hope in Schools and Youth ($150) Unbeknownst to many, segregation in school systems is still a modern battle, over 50 years after school desegregation began. Participants will work closely with the community to help restore the value of equal education.  Breakers will also have the opportunity to be involved with other movements in the community, including non-violence training solutions for youth.

Paving the Road for Pre-School Children to Succeed in School ($150) Breakers will get the opportunity to work closely with preschool aged children in the Head-Start program. Participants will get to help with the everyday demands while offering support for the children to excel in school and in their community.

Offering Assistance to People with Disabilities ($350) Have you ever wanted to have the chance to help the disabled? Breakers will spend the week aiding children and/or adults with a wide range of disabilities. Breakers will also have a hands-on experience at a camp designed specifically for the disabled: working on various projects, cleaning and preparing for the campers, and interacting with the campers and the workers.

Understanding the Global Impacts of Hunger and Poverty ($350) This incredible experience will thrust you first hand into the real effects of hunger and poverty worldwide. You will not only be thoroughly educated, but also spend your time volunteering on a huge ranch in a variety of task such as animal care, maintenance, gardening, and many other surprises. By the end of this adventure you will have heavily bonded with your group and other accompanying schools as well as learned new characteristics about yourself, hunger, and poverty!

Spreading Kindness to a Global Population Braving Mental Illness ($500) Students serving on this Alternative Break trip will be participating in an incredible adventure to learn and understand the foundation and effects of mental illnesses specific to an extraordinary location. They will learn about Caribbean culture and related international sensitivities. Students will spend their break interacting and socializing with a group of people that are living with various mental illnesses. Activities may include crafts, board games, outdoor games, and field trips! There will also be opportunities to experience and serve social issues regarding children and youth plaguing this particular location. ***This trip will require you to have a current passport

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