May Break

Applications for May Alternative Break trips available:

March 6th – March 19th!

May Alternative Break trips will be traveling May, 05/07/17 – 05/12/17.

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You can find the application on the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement organization page. The application will be under the Forms tab

#MayTheForestBeWithYou ($150)

Social Issue: Resource Depletion
The health of the global environment depends on the health of the individual ecosystems which comprise it. On this Alternative Break trip, participants will do their share in caring for the global community by performing land management tasks. Breakers will work in recreational areas that allow humans to coexist with nature. This trip calls to those who have a passion for nature and want to ensure its beauty is maintained for future generations to enjoy.

#AllEars ($150)

Social Issue: Endangered Species

If you’re ready to be outside and put your back into some volunteer work, this trip is calling your name. Breakers will have the opportunity to perform physical service projects on over 2,000 acres of land that will benefit rescued animals. A staff of caretakers will educate volunteers about the sanctuary and modern issues faced by the animals they are responsible for. Be ready to work hard, learn enthusiastically, and widen your perspectives.

#HopeAmongUs ($150)

Social Issue: HIV/AIDS & Youth Development

According to the CDC, more than 1.2 million people in the US are living with HIV, and 1 in 8 of them don’t know it. While HIV directly impacts those infected, children and partners are also affected. Participants on this trip will volunteer with an organization established to improve the quality of life for individuals with HIV as well as their support system. Volunteers will provide general maintenance work inside and outside, and will also have the opportunity to act as teaching assistants.

#FillThePlate ($150)

Social Issue: Community Development

Easy access to food is a crucial facet of any healthy community. Participants on this Alternative Break trip will assist with a community garden where they will grow, harvest, and distribute food. Volunteers will also take part in various community restoration projects, including working with at-risk youth in after-school programs. Working to relieve hunger while also making connections within the community at hand will help to improve the overall quality of life for its members.

#AWorldOfBraveKids ($150)

Social Issue: Children Living With Medical Challenges

Passionate about our future generation? On this trip breakers will split their week between assisting children with physical disabilities in school and helping with the upkeep of a village specialized for children facing terminal illnesses. Specific projects include working alongside professional educators and childcare specialists, serving and delivering food, operating rides, and directly interacting with children and their families. Bring with you an enthusiasm for helping others, an infectious positive attitude, and compassion for those in need.

#SoaringForService ($500)

Social Issue: Community Development 

(Arts & Education Focus)

*Note: This trip will require a passport. Trip participants will be responsible for any fees associated with obtaining a passport.

Are you excited by the chance to explore a new culture and ready to get in touch with your creative side? Access to creative spaces, the arts, and quality education benefit students and communities by instilling critical thinking, outlets of self expression and driving a spirit of hope. Breakers will be traveling out of their comfort zones and into a variety of education and community centered projects. This trip will share in the dream of providing a place for those in this community to have access to creative education with the aim of building a culture of peace.

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